Bolton Gun Club - Rifle & Pistol Section

About Us

Unfortunately the Rifle and Pistol section are not currently able to offer membership to new shooters without a full Firearms License. Current Firearms Certificate holders, are still being accepted and welcome to apply as usual.

A shooting range has been in operation at Wilton quarry since 1912, when military officers used the site to hone their pistol shooting skills, and when Bolton Gun Club, took over the use of the quarry and later purchased the Wilton 3 site, the Rifle & Pistol section was truly born. Since this time both the surrounding site and the range itself have been developed and now offers the simple facilities called for when undertaking target shooting, surrounded by the relaxing scenic backdrop of the rural West Pennine Moors, Lancashire.

Facilities on offer include a total of 11 firing points, a covered shooting stand, cabins and cover for days of inclement weather, and off road parking. On top of these simple facilities is the fact that our range officers, staff and members are friendly, knowledgeable and take great pride in both their safety, and the safety of others.

Due to this Bolton Gun Club has built up an enviable reputation for its safety record, and we ask all members to make safety their paramount concern.

We also offer a comprehensive training programme for probationary members looking to obtain their first Firearms License, conducted by our qualified Training Officers.

Over the last 4 years we have seen an unprecedented rise in membership enabling us to now cater for the following disciplines:-

  • Black powder pistols and rifles.
  • Target shooting and competitions at 25 metres and 50 metres.
  • Centrefire.
  • Rim Fire.
  • Practical shotgun.
  • Mini rifle.

Additionally, we also attend Altcar NW RFCA Range for those who wish to shoot at greater distances once a month. 

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