Our Shooting Fixtures

Below you will find details of our 2017 clay pigeon shooting fixtures. We meet every other Sunday with registration and booking in starting at 9:30am and shooting starting at 10:00am.

Our Shooting Fixtures
Date Competition Practice
15th Jan  **Skeet & **DTL  E. Sp.
29th Jan  **E. Sp.  DTL & Skeet
31st Jan   **Skeet & **DTL  E. Sp.<
12th Feb   **E. Sp.  DTL & Skeet
26th Feb   **Skeet  DTL & E. Sp.
12th Mar  Skeet Cup  DTL & E. Sp.
26th Mar   **E.Sp. & **Skeet   DTL
9th Apr   E. Sp. Brookes Cup   DTL & Skeet
23rd Apr  DTL Thompson Trophy  E. Sp. & Skeet
7th May  Skeet Committee Cup  DTL & E. Sp.
21st May  **DTL & **E.Sp.  Skeet
4th Jun  DTL Davies Cup  E. Sp. & Skeet
18th Jun  **Compak  DTL & Skeet
2nd Jul  **Skeet & **DTL   E. Sp.
16th Jul  Pairs Trophy  DTL, E. Sp. & Skeet
30th Jul  **Skeet  DTL & E. Sp.
13th Aug  E.Sp. Ray Neal Memorial Cup  DTL & Skeet
27th Aug  **DTL & **Compak  Skeet
10th Sep  **Skeet **DTL  E. Sp.
24th Sep  Compak Silver Pigeon  DTL & Skeet
8th Oct  **Skeet Handicap  DTL & E. Sp.
22nd Oct  **E.Sp. Handicap  DTL & Skeet
5th Nov  **DTL Handicap  E. Sp. & Skeet
19th Nov  Frank Crook Shield  DTL, E. Sp. & Skeet
3rd Dec  Whisky Shoot  DTL, E. Sp. & Skeet
17th Dec  Open Shoot English Sp.  DTL & Skeet
   Clubman Qualifier Series  
   Handicap Trophy Series  

** members comp with scores counting towards overall championship – best 4 from 8