Bolton Gun Club - Air Section

About Us

Bolton Gun Club are pleased to say that we now have an "Air Section" and that the recently refurbished 3rd floor Air Gun range at Brooklands Mill offers Air Gun shooters of all abilities and interests a venue in which they can enjoy their shooting in warmth safety.

The Range benefits from a wide range of targets from the traditional paper scoring targets to a range of knock down field targets. We also have some towers that can enable shooters to go "head to head" with the loser buying the coffees!

The Air Rifle range has 2 sections. A 40 metre range for the shooters wishing to sample the targets for practice and a 50 metre range for the field target shooters to get the practise for competition shooting. A prone shooting platform is also in the planning stage in the 50 metre section.

For the pistol shooters we will soon have a dedicated 10 metre pistol range with retrievable targets.

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Brooklands Mill Range
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